How would you describe your financial plan? Is it a jumble of good intentions, indistinct goals and disjointed accounts? Or is it a clear, systematic mosaic where each element fits neatly into a comprehensive plan for your financial future? 

At Be Financial, we will collaborate with you to create the latter. We will guide you through a process that captures your financial situation on one page and identifies areas for immediate attention. 

More than investing
Be Financial helps you build and maintain a diversified investment portfolio that matches your needs and goals, but your financial success relies on much more than the contents of your portfolio. We will also work with you to define retirement goals, create an estate plan, save for major expenses such as college tuition and create a legacy you can be proud of. We’ll also help you crunch the numbers that help you save on taxes and stay properly insured. 

Where necessary, we’ll be pleased to work with your other professional advisors, including attorneys or accountants. 

Advances in technology continue to enhance the advice we provide. However, no technology can replace the long-term personal relationships we build with clients. Regular face-to-face meetings create a connection and level of trust that’s indispensable.
— Nancy Bergstrom